Purpose of Fuel and Emissions Cleaning

To help keep your engine running at peak performance, the fuel needs to be as clean as possible. Over time, deposits can build up within the channels of the fuel system and fuel injectors. These buildups reduce performance, and left untreated, can lead to costly engine repairs.

Why to have Fuel System cleaned?

Fuel injection service thoroughly cleans the fuel system which may result in improved fuel economy and reduced emissions. Cleaner fuel means cleaner air.

Purpose of Fuel Filter

The fuel filter is located on the line that brings fuel from the tank to the engine. It help remove harmful contaminants (like water, fungus, bacteria) from fuel and keeps them from reaching the engines fuel system.

Why change Fuel Filter?

Clean fuel is essential for efficient engine performance. Replacing your fuel filter regularly can protect your fuel system from costly damage and reduce clogged fuel lines.

How often to have Fuel System cleaned and to change Fuel Filter?

In accordance with your vehicles recommended service intervals which can be found in your owner’s manual, or by visiting any one of our oil change centers.